Monday, June 15, 2009

The wonders of neem!

Neem a natural biocide! Seems to be too good to be true. Or is it?
Check this out the wikipedia link

Notice the lack of information on the invasiveness...

The truth of the matter is while it is a welcome tree in India. The Australians have had a hard time with it. And here is where I have the problem with the neem tree.

The neem tree grows very well in arid climates and high temperature. The proliferation of the tree has brought welcome shade and animal life back to Australia. That is a fact that can not be argued.

The other part is the plant has been so successful that it may be the reason that the fires in the winter of 2008 were so ferocious. The neem tree likes to grow around the old growth trees in Australia. The neem tree is very combustible. In the times before the neem invasion the old growth trees would have withstood the wildfires. Now with the fresh timber around the old trees it seems that they are not able to withstand the more intense fires that were raging around Australia.

So it comes down to this:

Use neem and promote it use or not use it and hope the problem goes away? Please feel feel to post comments with your opinion!

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