Monday, May 25, 2009

I know marketing because I've seen, "Save the Last Dance"

As promised the next part in the marking to youth guide!


Baggy clothes, cool moves, complicated greeting rituals and clever raps: that's hip-hop in a nutshell. Hip hop is a cultural revolution which originated in the Afro-American ghettos of New York in the 1970s and was fueled by hatred on an unfair, discriminatory society. In the last three decades, hip-hop has spread to become a global subculture for urban youth; it defines itself as street culture. Hip-hop came to ascendancy in the 1980s, when kids in the US and later Europe, they started rapping, spraying graffiti and break dancing. The music is lyric spoken or chanted over a strong, catch rhythm.

WHAT!?! Maybe is just me but in one paragraph did this just marginalize a whole genera and it's importance to youth culture? How can this even be close to the truth! Which I'm afraid it is not! I'm still trying to find where hip-hop was fueled by hatred anywhere on the net. Social injustice yes, but hatred? That's a really big step in the wrong direction for hip-hop. Even wikkipeda says that the old school hip hop promoted non-violence.

It's ridiculous to say the least.

So ,what did we gain from all of this: White people can't market.

Next week Emos: Livejournals backbone!

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