Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Youth Culture and Marking like Pie and Clowns

I often get marketing pieces from firms that spend millions of dollars on research, countless hours of development and highly organized focus groups. All of this so the company they are helping can "get to know" their target market.

It's beyond words. A masterpiece PC and MTV. God help us all.

This months report was on Youth culture-Outward expressions of an inner attitude
they break this down into seven categories that all teens fall into. I'm posting this word for word, because everyone deserves to read this its glory.

Today's category is..... Ravers

Ravers are pleasant, usually conspicuously dressed people with an affinity to psychedelia; they like going to parties, having fun and listing to loud music with thumping baselines. The name comes from the verb "to rave." Ravers are partial to brightly colored distinctive style, depending on which techno scene they belong to. Ravers can generally be divided into one of the several categories or scenes, each of which has different tastes in music and clothing. Ravers like to go to raves - all-night parties where loud techno music is played. There are five main techno scenes: Hardcore, House, Breakbeat, Chill out and Acid House. The three biggest raves in Europe are the Love Parade in Germany, the Street Parade in Switzerland and the Budapest Parade in Hungary.

Just wow! You can literally hear the old lady voice with the condescending tone ring in your ears! Watch out world a 50 something found Wikkipidea! Can you believe I get this stuff in the mail. I like the part about how Ravers go to "raves", that clever. Ryan Seacrest must have editied this thing.

Literally it's the idiots guide to youth culture. I think you're going to be ready for the next one Next week some time the post Hip-Hop!

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