Saturday, May 16, 2009

Why should I care about lotions?

Lotions are like food. You can have the finest ingredients and still make the most disgusting thing ever. It's true, it really is. I've dissected some of the most popular creams and lotions. And I've found that essentially. There is no difference between Vaseline and Jergens. They hide behind the brand and find that as an excuse to sell hamburger as sirloin. This is due to people not knowing what to look for in a lotion. Hopefully in the next couple of week anyone looking at this will come to appreciate what happens and what is necessary to fully enjoying a surprising and pleasant experience.

Let's get started:
Most people don't know this but there are 5 stages to applying and getting the full sensory out of their lotion.
The first step is the application. This is described as the initial feel. To wet or oily you probably won't like it.
Second the breaking the emulsion. This is where initial glide and slip are important. To much of or little of the thickeners will drastically affect how the glide will proceed.
Third is the final break down. This where the product is almost into the skin and the oils and emollients start to take over.
The fourth in initial skin feel. After the last of the final break down phase has been fully applied to the skin and the skin is dry or oily or when we've finished rubbing the lotion in. This state is where most people judge if they like the lotion or not!
The final stage is the hour after application. Where the true judge of whether it works or not needs to me made...

This may seem overdrawn but this is what happens in the application of a lotion. Fail at anyone of these junctions and the whole systems is compromised. Just like in food. To much salt or not enough yeast. The whole thing doesn't turn out right. Then it doesn't matter if your serving hamburger or sirloin. Nobody going to want it.

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